JIA HO Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Chin Hai fishing Company was founded in 1977, led by our chairman Mr. Chin Chan, Wu. Specialized in long line catching fish vessel business. The fish caught by those vessels were, tuna, sailfish and swordfish for about seventeen years. Due to the unstable income of running a fishing vessel company. As a result, the company decided to end at year 1994. And changed its strategy to business in import and export of fish. Then established a new named company called Jia Ho Enterprises Co., LTD.

Jia Ho Enterprises Co., LTD mainly sells large types of fish caught by long line vessels, mostly, tuna, skipjack, sailfish, swordfish, oil fish, saury and squid ilex Argentinus. Based on the vast experience and knowledge in managing fishing vessels, also strictly monitored and required to meet fish quality standard and sales. Therefore, our sales has been growing steadily. Because of the world wide strictly requirement to protect the environment, and we believe to supply our customers fish without compromising the future of our ocean fish. In order to meet innovation and variation to have a long term management. Also to provide and maintain control of stable fish qualities.

Due to the world wide current demand of fish products. Our company had planned to build cold storage plants, since 2014. Moreover, the plants started to construct from August 2015. The newly built cold storage plants would consist of ultra-low temperature between -20C/ -35C and -60C. The capacity would be able to consist 10,000MT of fish. In the future, the factory would be able to process all type of fish products. Our products vertically integrated from buying of raw materials to processed finished fish products. To be able to serve a variety of clients, also to maintain good cooperate relationship with clients.

In the future, we will still maintain our chairman’s initial principles of innovation, variation, honesty, cooperation. To be able to help others and ourselves, we are glad to contribute our efforts in both industry and society.